Every Wednesday, watch our skilled chefs roll sushi right when you walk into our  lobby. All fish is flown in fresh from all parts of the United States and the world,  even as far as the waters of Japan. Enjoy a selection of sushi, sashimi and maki rolls  in conjunction with other features that evening, including our delicious Pad Thai!  Saké pairings are available as well.


Sunday dinner with family was important to us growing up, so we’re taking every  step to make our restaurant your home away from home with our Comfort Food  Sunday. We humbly invite you to dinner as we serve up Sunday features. From the  backyard grill to Sunday pasta at mama’s, we’re offering traditional midwestern  fare that is delicious and affordable. And don’t forget about Happy Hour all day  at the bar! Stop in and try our unique takes on traditional comfort food every  Sunday…don’t worry, we won’t tell mama!


Tasting wine is all about being adventurous and trying something new, and at Michael Alberini’s, we take the guesswork out of ordering wine. Each of our 600+ wines are listed with the wine’s flavor profile and tasting notes, so you know what to expect when it gets to your table.

wine tasteOur wine events are educational, inspirational and social. Michael Alberini himself conducts discussion of the wines and the food pairings, as do some of our distributors, deconstructing the flavor profile to ensure a seamless experiences in the glass for every customer. We take the time to discuss the wines with you and help you determine which would best suit your palate and pair with your meal. Menus are built around the wines being served.

All wines in the shop are sold at state minimum retail pricing.